Intercom Systems: Managing Multiple Entrances

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Apr 28, 2021 2:30:00 PM

AdobeStock_302450963There’s more than one way in and out of your apartment building, so why would you get a unit complex intercom system that works on just one?

While the main entrance might be the most important to validate visitors and prevent unauthorised entry, an intercom system that works on all your building’s entrances can help make life a bit more convenient for staff members, visitors, and residents, while increasing the building’s overall security.

If you want to be able to manage multiple entrances with one intercom system, here’s what you need to know.

Double Door Entrances

An often-overlooked aspect of unit complex intercom systems is the double-door entrance. Many apartment complexes have a vestibule with two doors in a row. Obviously, two separate doors have two separate locks. Since the intercom works as an access control system as well, it’s important to know if the system you choose can unlock both doors, or just one.

Having the option to unlock both doors at once, or even choose between the two, can help make life a little easier for everyone. For example, if a new tenant moves into the building, it’s helpful to be able to open both doors simultaneously to make it easier to transport large loads in and out of the building.

Unit complex intercom systems that can only unlock one door are limited in use, and they result in staff having to physically unlock and open the second door. Not only does this take time out of their schedule, but those second doors can also be a hassle to work with when transporting items.

In addition, complexes with underground garages add a layer of complexity. Access into the building from the garage is necessary, but the garage itself has poorer security, often relying on gates to limit access to vehicles. However, drivers often follow one another in, and pedestrians can easily walk in. The entrance from the garage to the stairs or elevator is yet another entry point that must be secured.

For unit complexes with multiple door entrances, be sure to choose an intercom system that can operate both doors.

Manage Multiple Entrances from One Portal

The best unit complex intercom systems give you the ability to control multiple doors all around your property—not just the ones next to one another. From the main intercom hub (or online platform if you choose a system with remote access), you can choose which entrance to open.

Whether it’s the main entrance(s) or a back delivery entrance, you or your staff can open the doors with the push of a button. Unit complex intercoms with remote access will even allow you to open doors and manage your system from a mobile device. That means you and your staff can be working on other projects (or relaxing at home) and still open doors for deliveries, visitors, or maintenance services.

Service Delivery Assistance

In many cases, the back entrance isn’t meant for visitors. Some unit complex intercom systems provide guard and tenant video stations that act as security guards for secondary entrances. They’re smaller intercom units with fewer functions designed to keep an eye on non-primary doors, but they’re still linked to the main intercom system.

Many apartment complexes use these secondary intercoms for deliveries. When a delivery person arrives at the door, they can press a button that rings only the front desk (or their mobile device). The front desk attendant can then speak to the delivery driver to verify their identity—or look at them if you choose a video intercom system. If they are who they say they are, the staff member can push the button to unlock the door and let the delivery inside all without ever leaving the front desk.

No Matter How Many Entrances You Have, There’s an Intercom System for You

Intercom systems are no longer means of only back-and-forth communication. Modern unit complex intercom systems can link together dozens of units on all your building’s entrances to create one cohesive, simplified intercom network. You and your staff can communicate with visitors and open doors all over your property with the push of a button.

If you’re ready to simplify property management with a unit complex intercom system, talk to the experts at Four Walls Security. With over two decades of experience helping Brisbane and Sydney-area property managers, we’ll help you find the perfect choice among unit complex intercom systems to suit your property’s unique needs. Contact us to boost your security and peace of mind.

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