The connection of access control (such as confirming the identity of individuals before they are allowed access to a location) to the CCTV system is much easier when a cloud-based system is used. This partnership between security and access control is one that many business owners appreciate as they are working on expanding protection across all facilities.



One of the most important benefits of a CCTV video surveillance system is that the footage can be reviewed from anywhere. This makes it particularly useful for businesses that have remote sites, or perhaps a retail location that may require monitoring from a central office.



Security is a significant concern for business owners, especially when it comes to video surveillance. Because the video is stored in the cloud, security is out of your hands. You know your video is protected from hackers and denial of service attacks—24 hours a day, seven days a week.



When you choose to store your CCTV footage on-site, the costs can be surprisingly high. There are the upfront costs of software, equipment, and installation, but also there is a need for IT and other staff to keep things running plus the expense of the electricity required to maintain your server. Cloud-based solutions are more affordable up-front and often on an ongoing basis too.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Video Analytics.

More than just a security camera, today’s top cloud-based surveillance systems offer an analysis of the footage in real-time. Imagine getting an alert if a particular area is breached, when loitering is detected, or when other issues occur. Additionally, traffic patterns are tracked. When a company understands the traffic flow around the facility, it is easier to make smart business decisions regarding purchasing, staffing, and future growth.

Centralised Management

Centralised Management

If you have multiple locations, how difficult is it to get the footage from your CCTV to the “main office” where you or other management can review it as needed? That’s never a problem with cloud-based CCTV technology. The entire system can be managed remotely, often even from a mobile device.

Reduced IT Costs

Reduced Reliance on IT

One of the biggest challenges a multi-unit business has with traditional security systems is that updating, tracking, downloading, and other tasks become a full-time job for the IT department. With a cloud-based system, this is never a problem. The system is accessible remotely, and management is much smoother and more straightforward.

Managed Service

Managed Service

Cloud-based CCTV is a managed service which means updates that are sent directly to the system over the internet. There is less risk of the system becoming outdated or unsecured since the cloud enables it to stay updated with the latest technology.

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With these benefits, it is much easier to see how useful cloud-based CCTV surveillance can be for business owners. If you would like to learn more about the cloud-based CCTV options available today, reach out to us at Four Walls Security. We are happy to help you decide what VMS is best for you and your organisation.



Eagle Eye - The Eagle Eye is a cloud-based video surveillance camera system that offers cloud management, viewing from mobile, tablets, and web browsers, and even the availability of 100% cloud recording. This camera system is designed for ease-of-use with features such as deep links to event-triggered alerts, allowing you to follow up when there is an issue. One of the most appreciated features of the Eagle Eye system is how easy it is to add additional analog or IP cameras as you grow. All these features plus industry-leading analytics make this camera system an excellent choice for anyone looking to embrace cloud-based surveillance.



Genetec logo

Genetec is an excellent security system option for businesses looking to scale back on IT and infrastructure investments without sacrificing security. Because this system uses the cloud for implementation, storage, and updating, there is less need for reliance on additional hardware. Upgrading and updating is never a problem because Genetic automatically delivers the upgrades straight to your system from the cloud. Best of all, many users find that Genetec saves them money compared to other security options due to reduced IT and energy costs. This simple platform helps an organisation improve overall security.




Avigilon Blue

Avigilon Blue: The Avigilon Blue platform offers on-premise video recording that is known for being easy to install. Plus, it provides unmatched cloud-hosted management services for Avigilon Partners and subscribers. The Avigilon Blue Connect device can be installed in just a few moments. Not only does it work with Avigilon cameras, but it is also compatible with many additional third-party ONVIF® compliant cameras. Avigilon offers truly scalable surveillance. Additional cameras can be added as needed for growth. Finally, with the addition of a subscription package, users are delivered updates as soon as they are available. This full-scale surveillance management suite keeps businesses and organisations protected--no matter how small or large.


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