What Is a Unit Complex Intercom System?

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Apr 8, 2021 2:30:00 PM

AdobeStock_212943807Lots of people live in an apartment complex with only one front door. How can you maintain security with so many people going in and out on a regular basis? A unit complex intercom system!

A unit complex intercom system, or more commonly known as an apartment buzzer, is a great way to maintain security and help ease communications between tenants and their visitors. So, what is a unit complex intercom system, and how can it benefit your apartment building?

What Can a Unit Complex Intercom System Do?

Instead of yelling up and down several stories (or just leaving the front door unlocked), a unit complex intercom system lets tenants talk to visitors at the front door without ever leaving their units.

Visitors can simply press the button that matches the apartment they want to visit, and it buzzes the tenant in their unit. The tenant can then talk to the visitor from the intercom in their unit. Some unit complex intercoms offer video functionality as well for even better communication.

If the tenant knows the visitor, they can press another button on the unit complex intercom system to unlock the front door and let them inside. If they don’t know who’s at the front door, the tenant can simply leave it locked to prevent unauthorised people from getting inside.

Property managers can use unit complex intercom systems to simplify communication between visitors and tenants and maximize building security without paying a full-time doorperson. It’s like an intercom and an access control system all rolled into one.

Benefits of Intercom Systems for Unit Complexes

Intercom systems might be one of the oldest security systems, but that doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. They still provide many security benefits for apartment complexes to keep tenants safe and help property managers do their jobs:

  • Improved communication – The main benefit of a unit complex intercom system is improved communication. It makes it much easier for tenants to talk to visitors without having to go all the way to the lobby. It can also help emergency responders find exactly where a specific tenant lives from the directory at the front door.

  • Versatility – Modern intercom systems are not like the basic ones of the past. They offer a wide variety of features that help property managers keep the building running smoothly, like video feeds, remote door locks, mobile accessibility, and more.

  • Crime deterrent – Criminals avoid buildings with obvious security elements. A big intercom directory with a locked door will let would-be thieves know to stay away from your building. Even if they do try to break in, they’ll need to identify themselves to get someone to let them in. Overall, a unit complex intercom system keeps your building and tenants safe.

  • Affordable security – As far as security equipment is concerned, intercom systems aren’t expensive. Even complexes on a tight budget can benefit from installing an intercom system.

  • Security system integration – If you have other security systems like a CCTV system or access control system, your intercom system can integrate with your other devices, creating a seamless, all-in-one security solution for your building.

No matter how big or small your apartment building, a unit complex intercom system can help you boost security and simplify communications between residents without breaking your budget.

Looking for an Intercom for Your Unit Complex?

Are you ready to make your apartment complex a safer place to live? Installing an intercom system can provide countless benefits to the tenants and building managers alike. Make it easier for tenants to validate visitors and keep out unauthorised personnel.

If you’re looking to install a unit complex intercom system, look no farther than the experts at Four Walls Security. We have decades of experience working with Brisbane and Sydney-area property managers, helping them secure their buildings and keep their tenants safe. Contact us for a quote on your next intercom system today.


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