7 Things You Could Do to Discourage Thieves and Prevent Home Burglary

Posted by Kevin Cameron on May 18, 2020 9:15:00 AM

prevent home burglaryNo one should ever have to experience a break-in. Not only does it mean the loss of your personal belongings, but one burglary is enough to destroy your peace of mind for years to come. It’s important to take proactive steps to protect your property and make it unappealing to thieves. Here are seven things you can do to discourage criminals from attempting to enter your home.

1. Install CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV Security cameras are one of the most effective crime deterrents available. They can constantly scan the exterior and interior of your property at all times, and many of them can even be accessed remotely on your mobile device from anywhere in the world. If you hear a noise outside, you only have to look at your phone to check it out.

In addition to scanning and recording, CCTV security systems are great at deterring potential criminals before they even set foot on your property. A burglar who sees cameras installed around your property isn’t going to want to take the risk. In fact, studies have shown that the mere sight of a security camera is enough to reduce crimes of opportunity by 16 percent.

2. Maintain Foliage Around Walkways and Entrances

Fewer hiding spots mean less opportunity for thieves. If you keep your shrubs and bushes around walkways neat and maintained, there won’t be anywhere for a potential burglar to hide. You could take this one step farther and put thorny plants by your windows. Then it won’t only be hard to break in, but painful too!

3. Put Away Outdoor Items

Burglars scan properties before they decide to break in. If you have expensive items like cars, bikes, or grills out in the open, it’s not only saying “we have expensive stuff” but also gives someone an opportunity for an easy score by simply taking something off your yard. Put away all your outdoor items when you’re not using them. Don’t forget to put away tools and ladders as well. A thief might not want to steal them but could use them to gain entry to your house.

A yard full of toys also portrays that your family loves fun. That means your house is probably full of gaming consoles, laptops, and tablets inside as well, giving potential thieves another reason to pick your house over another.

4. Install Motion Sensor Lights

Darkness is as good, if not better, of a hiding place as an unkempt shrub, so why not take that away as well? Installing motion sensor lights is a great way to stop potential thieves. Imagine a burglar is creeping around your property and is suddenly illuminated in a bright beam of light for all the world to see. They’re probably not going to stick around and finish the job.

5. Use Curtains

The less you reveal about your home to a potential burglar, the less incentive he or she is going to have to steal from you. Keeping your curtains closed, especially on lower levels, can hide all the goodies you have inside your home. If a burglar can look in your windows and see your brand-new laptop and the huge TV you just bought, they’re going to remember that and might come back later.

6. Secure Spare Keys (Not Under the Doormat)

Many crimes are crimes of opportunity. Maybe a burglar wasn’t intending to steal from your house, but they found a strange rock in the garden that opened up and gave them a key. Now, getting in is so easy that they might as well take a look inside your home.

Criminals know the most common locations of spare keys, and unfortunately, most people still use the same old hiding places. The best place to hide a spare key is with a trusted neighbor. If you live in a rural area with few neighbors, use a spare key lockbox that’s secured to the house.

7. Install a Security System

Even if an intruder somehow makes it past all your other burglary deterrents, the last line of defense should be your home’s security system. Home security systems come in all shapes and forms. You can install a video intercom on the front door, an access control system, a home alarm system, or a combination of several (or all of them). The more difficult you make it for criminals to gain entry to your home, the less likely it is that they’ll try.

Home Security with Four Walls Security

If you’re ready to take the next step with your home security, Four Walls Security is here to help. We have years of experience working with Brisbane area homeowners helping them protect their families and properties. We can help you choose the perfect security system, install it in your home, and ensure that it’s functioning properly. We even offer professional monitoring services! Contact us today and get started on the path to peace of mind.

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