Intercom Systems: Who Needs a Video Intercom?

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Mar 2, 2020 10:48:49 PM

Of all the features available in modern intercoms, systems with video capabilities are quickly taking over the market. More and more people are enjoying the added sense of security that comes along with being able to see a visitor’s face before they enter the premises. Homes and businesses alike are starting to use video intercom systems as a part of their everyday operation. If you’re thinking about installing an intercom system in your home or business and fall into one of these categories, you might want to think about choosing a system with video capabilities.

Homes and Businesses that Value Security

Everyone wants to feel safe, and installing an intercom system is a great way to provide you, your family and/or your employees with an additional sense of security and peace of mind. For those looking for the best security that an intercom can provide, only a video intercom system will do.


Although they won’t replace a standard CCTV camera system, video intercoms can act as a real-time surveillance system. Want to know what’s happening on the retail floor? Just use the intercom in your office to take a quick look. You might not be able to record or see in high definition like you can with a CCTV camera, but a video intercom system is a quick and easy way to take a look around your property without having to leave the room.

Report Intruders

If you’re using your video intercom system and see someone that shouldn’t be there, you can quickly, and discreetly, contact the local authorities from the safety of your locked room without the intruder knowing. If you have a video intercom at the front entrance of your property, you’ll be able to see and report potential intruders before they even enter the building.

Crime Prevention

Much like seeing security cameras scattered around a property, video intercom systems are an effective deterrent for criminals. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Criminals are always looking for an easy score. Just the presence of video surveillance equipment, whether it be CCTV cameras or a video intercom, is enough to make potential criminals think twice about entering your property.

Gated Properties

Isn’t it annoying having to open and close the gate for every person that comes through? Most businesses with gates just leave them open to avoid hassle, or hire a security guard to let people in. With a video intercom system, you can verify the identity of you visitors and “buzz” them in without having to leave the comfort of your office.

Some video intercom systems, like the Aiphone JO, can even be operated remotely from your mobile device. You can open the gate for employees and deliveries even when you’re not at work.

Businesses with Restricted Areas

Whether it be filled with sensitive information or dangerous machines, many businesses have areas that are off limits to visitors or even certain employees. Just like on the front gate, business owners can use video intercom systems to restrict access to rooms and areas inside the building as well.

Keycards can be lost and intercom systems that rely on voice can be unreliable, but video verification is hard to trick. You and your managers can screen visitors or employees before they enter secure areas based on indisputable video evidence.

Homes with Young Children

Your home is your fortress, and it’s important to know who’s at the front door when the doorbell rings. With a video intercom system, you can see who’s standing on your front porch without having to open the door and address them in person. If they aren’t someone you’re expecting, you can keep the door locked and keep your family safe.

As any parent knows, young children can be a handful. What if your eight-year-old is the one closest to the front door when someone’s knocking? They might open the door. A video intercom is more than just fun for kids, but it can prevent them from letting strangers into the house accidentally.

As your kids get older, you’ll also be able to use the video intercoms to keep an eye on them remotely, to make sure they stay out of trouble.

Four Walls Security: The Intercom Experts

If you’re looking to increase the security of your home or business, installing a video intercom system can provide an additional level of access control to your property. You’ll be able to remotely verify visitors, open doors and gates, and even check on your family or employees all without ever leaving the room. Plus, just the sight of a video intercom is enough to deter most break-ins. If security and access control is important to you, nothing beats a video intercom system.

There are dozens of brands and types of intercom systems on the market, each with hundreds of features to choose from. If you have any questions regarding which system is right for your home or business, contact the experts at Four Walls Security. We’ll help you through every step of the process from picking the perfect system, to installation, to operation and management.


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