Benefits of a Business Intercom System.

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Feb 15, 2020 1:43:01 PM

Access control is a foundational part of business security with plenty of applications across different industries. Every business needs to monitor who’s coming and going – a goal that sounds simple on paper but becomes a bit trickier without an integrated way to control and validate guests coming in. This is where business intercom systems come into play.  The primary benefit of these systems, of course, is better business security. But under that umbrella is a range of other advantages that business owners should be aware of.

1. Access control

Naturally, business intercom systems give you complete control over who comes in or out of the building. Companies can install these solutions to restrict site access at individual offices buildings, security checkpoints, or any other access point that’s a part of their complex. This obvious benefit here is reducing the chances of unknown visitors slipping through and committing acts of theft, vandalism, or corporate espionage. But more broadly, a security system like this offers peace of mind and control for business owners.

Without some type of intercom or video access control system in place, it’s nearly impossible to keep accurate count of who’s going in and out throughout the day—even with a receptionist on staff. Business intercom systems create a necessary link in this security chain and provide a physical access system to keep visitors out when needed.

2. Validate visitors

Another benefit of having more thorough access controls is that you’ll know precisely who’s entering your building and at what time they enter. In other words, visitor validation. These systems can be installed on the exterior of primary office buildings, inside reception areas, or separate from the main facility at gates or other remote access points. They can even be integrated with phone and video systems to add an extra layer of flexibility in your security system. If there’s ever doubt about the identity of a guest, operators will be able to easily check in with the right people and validate the guest’s identity by whichever method is most convenient.

3. Reduce staffing needs

For some companies, business intercom systems can help reduce the need for excess security staff. Many businesses without integrated security systems hire personnel (either dedicated security or reception staff) to validate guests before letting them in. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, but labour costs of these team members can add up over time—and in many cases, the bulk of these duties are easily manageable through an external access control system. Keep this in mind as you consider options for expanding your company’s security.

4. Reduce liability

This one is related to access control, but it’s important enough to warrant its own mention. On many properties, businesses included, the property owners may be liable for injuries sustained by guests during their visit. This is particularly true if the guest can prove that the business was negligent in some way.

It might not seem like a big concern for most companies, but think about construction sites, where the risks of physical injury are real. Unrestricted access to these areas can produce serious problems for both site owners and unauthorised visitors. And while the risks of harm may be lower at your own company, the same rules apply. Business intercom systems add an extra layer of security here by requiring guests to check-in – and if necessary, sign off on any releases – before setting foot on the property.

5. Integrated security

Business intercom systems are primarily an entry access tool, but they function as an important part of a company’s larger, integrated security system.

As most business owners know, companies need an end-to-end system of security across their entire companies. Access control is the beginning – but there should also be video monitoring through closed-circuit televisions (CCTV), alarm systems, access control systems and yes, business intercom systems. Each of these systems is vital to business security in its own way, and for best results, should be integrated with one another to build a comprehensive security solution.

Protect your business with Four Walls

Businesses have a lot at stake in their day-to-day operations – and security challenges are impossible to predict. This is why it’s so important for companies to take a proactive approach to business security, starting with the security tools at their disposal. If your company is ready to explore the benefits of integrated business intercom systems, contact Four Walls Security for a business assessment.








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