How Secure Are Your CCTV Cameras?

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Jan 28, 2020 11:04:36 PM

If you've ever wondered just how secure your CCTV security camera systems are, try typing "Hack CCTV" into the search bar of your computer or mobile device. You'll find a disconcerting number of search results from people who, apparently, have too much time on their hands and too few moral ethics.

Hackers are out there, and they have more time to plot mischief than you do. Just how secure are your security cameras? Much of this depends on you. Here's why:

Security Begins With Installation

CCTV that will be used to monitor people and possessions you should only be purchased from and installed by professional companies who've proven their trustworthiness and commitment to safety.

You can help insure this by trusting only a reputable, well-established company for your CCTV installations. Four Walls Security is serious about security. We'll design the perfect, customised system for your business needs.

We can keep your system updated with new firmware and patches, and constantly monitor your account for suspicious activity and breaches at your request. If something fails, we'll service it promptly. 

Four Walls Security has a 17-year reputation of excellence and a keen understanding of how to keep CCTV Cameras secure during a intrusion. So, the first big step in preventing a home security breech is to trust the right company for cctv installation, cctv service, and cctv camera maintenance. 

Passwords Are Huge

It's 2020, and yet still many users don't understand the importance of a strong password. In their 2019 State of Password and Authentication Behaviors, Ponemon Institute made distressing discoveries regarding the ways internet users fail to protect their information and devices, including:

  • Using the same password across multiple sites and platforms
  • Using the default log in and password that came with the device, such as Admin/Admin Sharing unique passwords with colleagues
  • Failing to use two-factor authentication
  • Using no passwords at all and leaving critical fields blank.

When it comes to security camera maintenance, you should use a different password for every camera that's connected to your system. Four Walls Security will help you with any questions you have regarding strong passwords, how to generate them, and how to keep them secure. The effectiveness of your security camera systems depend upon safe passwords. 

Security Camera Maintenance Matters

Even if you follow all the recommendations and do everything right during installation and setup, if you fail to maintain your CCTV systems, you may still be letting your business open to attack.

Far, far away in somebody's mother's basement, a malicious program is running. It's sole purpose is to discover back doors unintentionally left open. If you're not constantly updating your devices with firmware and patches, they will become outdated. You won't have the protection you need to keep you safe.

Four Walls performs updates periodically to ensure that the devices and connections used to protect your home or business do exactly that. 

Turning Things Off Is Recommended

Another amazingly easy way to help protect your CCTV installation from attack is to turn off IP-enabled cameras when you're not actively using them. And never leave remote access on when you are not using it. These simple precautions will greatly reduce the risk of someone sneaking in through a port or a back door that you didn't realize was open. 

Encryption Is Necessary

You wouldn't enter your credit card number online to make a purchase without encryption, so don't connect your home security camera systems to a connection that's not at least encrypted with SSL or TLS. This helps keep your connection more secure and accessible only to the parties who should be granted access. 

With every other headline today detailing hacker attacks on smart devices such as doorbells, security systems, and more, it's more important than ever to go with a pro when it comes to keeping your home and business safe from malicious attack. 

You can trust Four Walls Security to outsmart even the most tech-savvy hacker. Since 2003, we've kept your home, your business, your belongings, and your peace of mind safe from intrusion. When you choose us for your security camera installation, you'll feel safe inside your own Four Walls. 

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