5 Ways a Security Consultant Will Keep Your Business Secure

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Feb 10, 2020 1:34:01 PM

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If you own or operate a business, you may be looking for ways to protect your business. That is where a security consultant can help you make the right choices for your situation.

To protect your business, you need to invest in security measures. Using a professional security consultant will give you confidence in your security systems.

Security experts have the experience and training needed to design and improve your security solution. Using a professional security consultant will ensure you find a solution to meet your company's requirements.

Security Consultant

Many fields use the term “security consultant”.

A Security Consultant will work with you to determine, recommend, and design a security solution that fits your needs and budget. They have many years of experience for both existing and greenfield sites 

Based on site visits, blueprints, plans and schematics, they analyse and investigate areas of potential risk and highlight possible concerns. 

Security Consultants can assist with:-

  • Scope of works
  • Audit existing systems and outline an overarching Security Architecture Proposal (SAP)
  • Make system recommendations
  • Indicate installation timelines
  • Levels of required service
  • Give accurate costings

Consultants consider risk management, cyber security, and functionality when designing your security solution.

Are you considering upgrading or installing extra security equipment? If so here are five things that a professional security consultant may recommend for you.

1. CCTV Camera System.

All over the world, the benefit of having a CCTV system in a business is well understood.

Not only do cameras act as a deterrent for a break-in, they also help reduce theft, particularly internal staff theft. A professional security consultant will position your security cameras in the best places to capture relevant footage.

If a CCTV system isn’t installed the right way, it might not record the face or actions of the event. This can complicate matters for police when they try to track down and arrest the suspect. It’s also important that evidence of the action taken by the perpetrator is available.

Planning a CCTV installation involves many considerations. What you are trying to achieve is the most important. Correct camera positioning, lens selection and quality of camera required are just some considerations. Another important consideration is search features and retention time.

Security consultants can do more than design your security camera system. They can also train your staff on how to use the system. Having equipment won’t be of much help if no one understands how to operate the system.

2. Access Control Systems.

An access control system is something that prevents unauthorised people from being able to enter a building or area. Internal access controlled doors can secure areas of your business that you want to keep people out of. For example visitors wandering into dangerous areas pose a risk to your business.

An access control system removes the security risk of lost keys through the application of electronic locks and swipe cards.

Security consultants will design an access control solution that meets the size and demands of your business.

3. Intercom Systems.

For many sites an intercom system can play an important role.

The right intercom system can be used to reduce overheads. At other sites they can be used to control the access of visitors.

Security consultants will know what type of intercom system can help you and different integration options.

4. Security Alarms.

Security alarms are the most common security system for a business. Security alarm systems are monitored by a security control room.

There are a lot of regulations about security alarm systems that your security consultant will be aware of. Ensure they are installed to Australian standards is important to meet insurance requirements.

A security consultant will know how to install an alarm so that it can’t be easily disabled. They will also know the best way to protect challenging areas such as a warehouse roof.

The alarm consultant will be able to recommend and design the best system with right features.

5. Safety Policy and Procedures.

Security policies and procedures are unique to each business. 

A professional security consultant will be able to design a system that help enforce your Safety Policies and Procedures.

The goal of a good security policy is to keep your business safe and operating without interruption. Procedures detail how others can access certain areas or systems. They also deal with what steps to take to disarm alarms.

They can help reduce risk. For example, cash transit companies benefit from a CCTV installation, access control system, alarm system, intercom systems and hold up buttons. Using security systems to reduce risk and preventing it is what a professional security consultant does.

Working within budgets and with existing equipment.

The field of business security is fast growing as the need for more security increases. While violent crime goes down across most developed countries, theft and break-ins increase. Your inventory, goods and money are always at risk.

Security consultants have many years experience working with security systems and businesses. They understand that it is not always practical to simply replacing the whole system. They may be able to recommend ways to achieve the results you are looking for without replacing your whole system. They are not looking the profit from selling more equipment they will always talk about all the options available to you.

Research can answer the most common questions about security systems and consultation. Even so, there is no replacement for having a trained professional beside you. 

Four Walls Security 

At Four Walls Security our consultants come from a technical background. This means we have direct knowledge with security products.

Take action to safeguard what is important to you, your employees, and your business. 

Four Walls Security will use all the technology and expertise at our disposal. Until we live in a perfect world, the need for security will continue to increase. 

If you are ready to do what is necessary to increase your security, contact us.

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