5 Reasons Your CCTV Camera System Needs Servicing

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Feb 6, 2020 1:42:41 PM

Businesses and homes throughout Australia are becoming more reliant on closed circuit television (CCTV) security cameras to protect employees, belongings and property. While it’s wonderful to have security cameras installed, like most things in life, they require regular service to ensure that they’re operating at optimal efficiency and keeping you safe.

Ensure Proper Operation

The entire purpose of installing a CCTV security system is to protect your property from criminals and give you peace of mind. If the system isn’t working, then all those high-tech cameras you’ve installed might as well be pieces of art hanging on the wall.

The most important reason to have your system serviced is simply to make sure it’s working properly. Many business and home owners don’t even look at their Security camera systems until something goes wrong, which could be months or, hopefully, years. What happens if a mouse has chewed its way through one of the wires and rendered your cameras useless? You won’t know about it until you need the camera, and by then it’ll be too late.

During a CCTV service, trained technicians will check over every inch of your surveillance system. You can have peace of mind knowing that your cameras are operating as they should in the case of an emergency.

Clean Components

How well does your camera system work if it has cobwebs and dust all over the lenses? When you get your CCTV camera system professionally serviced, technicians will inspect your equipment and ensure smooth performance. That means cleaning lenses, checking to make sure the cameras haven’t been moved and trimming back any plants that may have grown around the equipment.

Shiny, well-kempt ip cameras also make effective crime deterrents. If a burglar can easily see cameras looking his or her way and they appear clean and properly maintained (meaning they’re working), they’re less likely to commit a crime. In fact, CCTV camera systems have been shown to reduce crimes of opportunity by 16 percent, when the cameras are clearly visible to the potential criminal.

Saves You Money

What’s cheaper: regularly changing the oil in your car, or buying a new engine every time it locks up? By getting your camera systems regularly serviced by a professional, they’ll be able to catch and fix potential issues before they become major expenses. Regular service of your CCTV camera system is a small expense that could end up saving you money in the future.

Plus, the money you’d spend on major repairs is nothing compared to the cost of a break-in. Making sure that your security equipment is regularly serviced and operational is the best way to stop criminals in their tracks.

Your Insurance Company Expects It

If you’re enjoying insurance discounts by having a CCTV camera system, then your insurance company expects you to keep your system well maintained and regularly tested. It may even be required in your insurance contract. Servicing your camera system at regular intervals can help retain your insurance discounts and prevent unwanted rate hikes if your cameras ever failed during a break-in.

Things Change

When a CCTV camera system is installed in a building, it’s customised to be as effective as possible for the unique layout of that property. Your home or business probably isn’t exactly the same as it was a year ago. What was effective during installation, might not be effective for your current layout.

When a professional technician services your CCTV camera system, they’ll look over everything and offer recommendations to strengthen the security of your system. You never know what gaps exist until your system is inspected by a professional.

Four Walls Repairs and Service

You never know when a criminal might strike, and regular service and preventative maintenance is the only way to ensure that your camera system is always operating at maximum efficiency.

Here at Four Walls Security, we have 17 years of experience protecting businesses and homes around the Brisbane area. We understand what it takes to stop criminals in their tracks. If you’re looking for a professional company to service your security camera system, we offer a Four Walls 7 Star Audit that addresses seven key areas of your CCTV camera system to ensure that you’re protected and give you peace of mind. Sleep easy at night and call Four Walls Security to service your CCTV system today.

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