Benefits of Apartment Intercom Systems

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Feb 13, 2020 12:07:50 PM

Apartment Intercom systems

One of the best things about apartment living is the sense of community and openness it provides. But then again, depending on whom you ask, this sense of openness might be one of the worst things about apartment life. It’s natural for residents to be concerned about the safety and security of their homes, regardless if they live in an apartment, townhouse, or house. But given that apartment owners are usually limited in the improvements they’re allowed to make, it often falls to the Body Corporate to take charge of the process.

Let’s review a few security benefits of one of the most popular apartment security options out there – apartment intercom entry systems.

Resident security and awareness

The biggest benefit of installing an apartment intercom system is making your residents feel safer and more secure in their homes. This is an important but often under-represented aspect of apartment living. After all, it’s hard to really know who’s knocking before you open the door, and apartment owners have fewer options at their disposal to increase security (compared to, say, a homeowner who can purchase and install a custom home security solution).

But don’t apartment residents deserve to feel just as secure in their homes?

Apartment intercom entry systems give residents an easy way to verify guests before they enter and achieve this baseline level of security. And if you can incorporate the apartment door entry intercom systems with other tools, such as your closed-circuit television (CCTV) security systems, even better. Just a few simple integrations can completely redefine the way your commercial property handles security.

This can be an effective way to deter crime on your property, particularly if you have exterior access controls. Crime is inevitable, but properties equipped with state-of-art apartment intercom systems are naturally less desirable of targets. This means that, with the right apartment door entry intercom system, you’ll reduce the odds of vandalism or theft on your property as well as give residents the tools they need to screen visitors. These are essential aspects of creating a community where residents feel safe in their own homes.

Improve quality of life for residents

Resident safety might be the biggest benefit of apartment intercom entry systems, but the advantages aren’t limited to letting people in. Many apartment intercom solutions offer multiple colour monitors or handsets per apartment, which can provide some interesting benefits for the residents within.

For example, think about how the convenience of multi-room intercoms can produce quality of life improvements for residents with disabilities or mobility issues. Even something as small as getting from one room to another can be a real challenge for these folks – and in these cases, internal intercom systems can be the perfect solution. By strategically integrating intercoms throughout the apartment layout, you can provide much-needed accessibility options for these populations and make their day-to-day lives easier.

Aside from the obvious advantages this provides for your commercial complex’s marketability, this type of adjustment indicates that your property is committed to making sure that all residents feel secure and comfortable in their own homes – regardless of what challenges they may have.

Keep your property on the cutting edge

Apartment intercom systems are by and large a security upgrade, but their benefits extend beyond the peace of mind they provide. Investments in connected security systems help establish your commercial property as a forward-thinking, trustworthy brand that cares about its residents. (Which, of course, you do – but not every commercial complex will have the security features to back up this claim.)

Just think about the different ways you can integrate these apartment door entry intercom systems to benefit your complex. Apartment intercom entry systems can be video-based, audio intercom-based, or it can leverage audio intercoms in conjunction with your CCTV and access control systems. Residents can use handsets to screen visitors and buzz them up, then use camera systems to verify the guest once he/she is at the door.

Most apartment residents aren’t acquainted with this high standard of security, which is why it’s so impactful when they do have it. Take a look at your current system and consider how an apartment door entry intercom system can benefit both your residents and your property value.

Build apartment security around Four Walls

Apartment intercom systems are a simple yet powerful way to boost apartment security. But like any other security solution your commercial property might implement, it’ll need to be installed by a reputable integrator who can set up the system to suit your property’s exact needs. At Four Walls Security, we leverage our 17 years’ experience in integrated security solutions to provide custom solutions to commercial and residential customers across Brisbane and beyond. Give your residents peace of mind with absolute security and contact Four Walls today.

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