How Surveillance Cameras and Solutions Benefit Businesses

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Jan 25, 2020 8:24:24 AM

How Surveillance Cameras and Solutions Benefit Businesses

It may seem like your business is under constant attack today. Companies need to be diligent about cyber security issues, threats from competition and losses from natural disasters. There are internal threats from theft or liability claims and outside problems like vandalism and burglary. While there is no single end-all, be-all solution for all of these issues, there are solutions that can help a business safeguard themselves from a variety of them. CCTV camera systems are one such solution. Business CCTV camera systems provide both value and peace of mind. Large, medium or small, here is how surveillance cameras and solutions can benefit a variety of businesses, including yours. 

CCTV Camera Systems Serve As Your Eyes and Ears

It's not easy to leave a business at night or on weekends. Locking doors and securing windows only provides so much protection. Business CCTV systems, however, serve to keep an eye on your inventory and valuable equipment even when you are not present. This provides an additional layer of safety, security, and confidence from outside threats in your absence. 

The Presence of Security Camera Systems Serve as a Deterrent

How powerful can business CCTV camera systems be? There mere presence of a system can serve as a major deterrent to those who may not have your best interests at heart. The cameras themselves and signage announcing their existence will often prevent a crime from being initiated. This alone can stop costly damage and losses.

They Can Help Improve Quality

A CCTV camera system can help a company improve its quality control and minimize waste through damaged goods. Staff members who are aware of these systems tend to be more conscious of their work habits. CCTV cameras can serve as a resource to review procedures and policies should an internal quality control issue arise.

They Will Help Curb Employee Theft

Various resources in an CNBC article estimate that employee theft costs businesses over $50 billion annually. Hiscox, a global insurer, breaks down the numbers even further, stating average U.S. businesses affected by employee theft were impacted to the tune of over $1.1 million in 2016. It wasn't just large businesses either. The median loss for a small business from employee theft in 2016 was almost $290,000. That's more than pens and pencils and the occasional ream of paper. CCTV camera systems can put the brakes on this theft.

Cameras Prevent Shoplifting

For those with a retail bricks and mortar business, the presence of CCTV camera systems can prevent, or certainly limit, shoplifting. In instances where shoplifting occurs or may be suspected, the cameras can help provide proof that such activity occurred.

They Can Limit False Liability Claims

Slips and falls and work-related injuries can be very costly for businesses and their insurance providers. Liability claims can be made by an employee or anyone visiting on your property. Business CCTV cameras can deter and reduce the number of potentially fraudulent claims.

Camera Systems May Reduce Insurance Costs

When a CCTV camera system is professionally installed by a company like Four Walls Security, the system may qualify your business for a reduction in business insurance premiums. Insurance companies recognize the value of such camera systems in limiting losses and are frequently willing to offer their customers who install them better rates. Check with your insurance provider to determine if there are any discounts for which you may be eligible. 

Four Walls. Our Priority Is You.

At Four Walls Security, we are committed to you and to increasing the confidence in the safety and security of your particular business. Four Walls Security delivers Five-Star service using Five-Star equipment and technology. With Four Walls Security, you are not purchasing a business CCTV camera system. You are gaining peace of mind. We are in the business of making sure you feel safe and secure, no matter what it takes.  To learn more about Four Walls Security and how we can improve your confidence when locking the doors of your business at night, we invite you to contact us. 

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