Can Access Control Improve Productivity?

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Sep 1, 2021 2:25:31 PM

AdobeStock_317635479Most people know that access control helps to enhance security for physical facilities by managing employee and visitor flows. Along with ensuring that unauthorized people aren’t entering spaces where they don’t belong, a good access control system can also provide peace of mind for both employees and business owners. But it’s also possible that your security protocols can aid in improving overall work output.

Access Control Can Streamline Employee Functions

Most people think of access control as a function for managing employee movements in and out of an office building or facility. But it also supports guest or visitor management. When implemented properly, a good access control system can automate entry and exit for recurring visitors, eliminating the need for you to designate employees to manually or physically monitor authorized guests unless necessary.

For example, if you hire a contractor to manage renovations, they may need to spend several days or even weeks at your facility to complete the job. In an analog world, some employers may expect a designated employee to periodically monitor the contracting team to ensure they’re not roaming the facility.

But with a properly managed access control system that issues temporary key cards to authorized visitors, you don’t have to pull an employee off of their desk. Instead, you know exactly where your contractor is because you’ve limited their access to only specific areas that need to be renovated. More importantly, your employees don’t have to play the role of amateur security staff and instead can focus on the tasks you hired them to complete.

Proper Access Control Can Improve Resource Management

Depending on the system you install, it’s possible to integrate access control management into your overall building maintenance schematics. This means that you can leverage real-time data of employee movement to manage tasks like turning off lights in unused portions of the building or adjusting climate control temperatures. In short, you can create a smart system that conserves resources.

While this might sound minor, energy costs related to heating and cooling is a major expense for commercial and residential properties — often coming in second behind mortgage or leasing fees. Over time, your access control security system can aid in saving money which can be allocated towards other important expenses.

Enhanced Management for Payroll

Especially for businesses that employ staff on an hourly basis, having a verifiable way to confirm that an employee was on the premises between specific times is critical to ensure that you’re paying them properly. With an access control system that relies on key cards that must be swiped to clock in, there’s no confusion about when an employee began their shift.

This translates to fewer headaches for your payroll department. The verifiable card swipe logs serve as an undeniable point of reference for both management and your hourly employees. Additionally, you can also see which employees are chronically late or clocking out early, and which ones are putting in extra hours.

Access Control Can Also Prevent Data Breaches

While physically protecting your commercial space and employees is important, you can’t forget about the risk of a digital security threat — data breaches. And don’t assume that breaches will only come from outside forces. Although exterior hacks tend to make the news, current and former disgruntled employees can also serve as a source for dangerous data compromises.

A good access control system can limit who, both internally and externally, can access sensitive information. And this is an ideal solution for all businesses, not just those with government contracts, financial institutions, or healthcare providers. Everything from your business banking information to details on other employees kept in HR files can be restricted for privacy and safety.

Access Control is Essential for Business Productivity

We know that you don’t immediately think about security when you picture the idea of productivity. But it’s an integral component both for the wellbeing of your staff and visitors, as well as for ensuring that your business is operating smoothly.

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