Intercom System Installation: 3 Things to Know

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Dec 4, 2020 3:30:00 PM

Intercom System InstallationAn intercom system is a great addition to any property. It’ll allow you to communicate quickly with people in other rooms, make general announcements, or even play music throughout your building. It’s also a powerful security feature that allows you to talk to—and in some cases, see—visitors before you give them access to your property.

Of course, an intercom system can only provide all those lovely features if it’s installed correctly in the first place. Before you can get your new system up and running, here are a few things you need to know about intercom system installation.

1. The Parts of an Intercom System

For proper intercom system installation, you need to know the different parts involved. Depending on the system you choose, there can be up to three different parts:

  • Intercom Base Station – This is the central hub for the entire system, and it’s how you control all other components. Since it’s connected to every other unit, the base station typically has the ability to broadcast messages over the entire system.

  • Intercom Substation – Substations are basically just speakers. They can broadcast messages from the base station but don’t have microphones for back-and-forth communication. You’ll find these mostly in large properties like schools, factories, train stations, and airports to make general announcements. They’re sometimes installed in homes to broadcast music throughout the property.

  • Intercom Stations – These are the units you typically think of when you picture an intercom system. They’re the units where you press a button and talk to people at other units. They can either be wall-mounted, desk modules, or handsets—depending on the system you choose.

Many intercom systems don’t come with all the parts. For instance, a lot of residential intercom systems are made up of only one or two intercom stations. Usually, one is mounted outside the front door and the other on the inside (or accessed by an app on your mobile device). They don’t have a base station or a substation.

You’ll need to pick out the parts that best fit your needs before beginning intercom system installation.

2. Intercom Unit Location Is Important

Much like real estate, intercom system installation is about three things: location, location, location! Before you install your system, you’ll need to determine the best places to install the various parts.

The best location for your units will depend on three things:

  • The system you chose

  • Your property

  • How you plan on using the system

If you choose a simple system with only one or two units for security purposes, location is pretty easy. Put one unit on your exterior entrance and the other inside where someone can easily access it. For a home, it’s usually just inside the front door. For businesses, it’s typically at a reception desk or in a security office.

If you choose a system with all three intercom system parts, determining location will be a bit more complicated. You’ll want to put the base station in a location where a person who regularly needs to make announcements can reach it. In a school, for example, the base station would likely be in the principal’s office.

Then, you’ll need to determine where to install the stations and substations. Stations should go in locations where you’ll need to communicate with people. For example, you wouldn’t put an intercom station in the front of your store because you won’t need to have a conversation with your customers. You would, however, want to have one in your storeroom or individual offices so you can talk to team members.

Before intercom system installation, create a blueprint of where you’d like to install the various parts. If you have a plan, it’ll make the installation process go much more smoothly.

3. Always Hire a Professional for Intercom System Installation

No matter your system or property, it’s always best to hire a professional to handle intercom system installation. An intercom system is an important piece of security equipment, so you want to make sure it’s installed right the first time—especially for complicated installation jobs like wired intercom systems.

Not only will a professional ensure everything is installed correctly, but they’ll also help you set up your system to best suit your property and needs and offer ongoing support if you run into problems in the future. It might cost a little extra for professional installation, but it’s entirely worth it for the added peace of mind and support you’ll receive down the road.

Ensure Proper Intercom System Installation with Four Walls Security

Intercom system installation isn’t always a simple task. With so many elements to consider, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You want your intercom system to work for your needs for years to come, so make sure it’s installed correctly the first time.

If you’re looking for professional help with intercom system installation, trust the professionals at Four Walls Security. We’ve been helping Sydney area home and business owners identify, install, and maintain their intercom systems for years. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote to find and implement the perfect intercom system to fit your every need.

Intercom System Installation


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