External and Environmental Threats to Your Access Control System

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Nov 13, 2020 2:30:00 PM

access control systemOnce you install and set up your access control system, it doesn’t mean everything will be perfect. Even with proper maintenance, there are still things that can impact your system. Unfortunately, many of these things are beyond your control. Be sure to keep an eye out for these external and environmental threats to your access control system to ensure it’s ready to protect your property when the need arises.

Natural Events

If any of your access control entry devices are located outside of your building—like on exterior entrances—they could be impacted by natural events:

  • Heavy Rain – While most access control systems are weather-resistant, enough heavy rain or flooding could affect the electrical wiring inside the system and cause it to malfunction. If your access control system is linked to other security systems like CCTV security cameras or video intercoms, the heavy rain could distort video feeds and make it difficult to validate visitors.

  • Fires – In Australia, wildfires are something we know all too well. Obviously, if your building is on fire, your access control system is the least of your worries. But even if your building isn’t in the direct path of the fire, thick smoke and smog can hurt your cameras’ video quality.

  • Harsh Wind – If not secured properly, harsh winds can be strong enough to knock down entry devices and security cameras mounted to the exterior of your building.

  • Thunderstorms – Of course, thunderstorms often come with heavy rain and wind—which we already said you need to watch out for—but they also bring power outages. If you’re using a wired access control system without a battery backup, a power outage can completely disable your system until electricity is returned.

The best way to protect your access control system from natural events is to install security components inside your building. Many buildings have exterior doors that open to a small room with another door, which is the perfect place for an access control system. It protects the equipment from the weather without affecting security.

If your building isn’t set up for an interior-only access control system, make sure all your equipment is professionally installed and securely mounted to make sure it can withstand anything mother nature can throw at it.

Intentional Acts of Destruction

Security systems are funny. They’re the first line of defense against threats, but that often means nothing is protecting them from threats! Any entry devices on the exterior of your building are easy to reach. That’s great when your employees or customers want to enter the building, but it makes it easy for thieves and vandals to reach them as well.

Intentional acts of destruction are when people break your access control system components on purpose, either to gain entry to your building or simply for the “fun” of it. How vulnerable you are to intentional acts of destruction often has to do with where your business is located. Obviously, if you’re in an area with a higher crime rate, there’s more of a threat to your access control system.

Just like with natural events, your best course of action is to put your access control elements inside the building, if possible. If you use security cameras, make sure they’re mounted high enough so they’re hard to reach from the ground.

Unintentional Acts of Destruction

Not all destructive threats are on purpose. Some happen completely by accident. Unintentional acts of destruction are things like leaking pipes, spilled cups of coffee, and overloaded electrical outlets. Depending on the accident, it could cause water damage (or coffee) to your equipment or trip the circuit so no power can get to your security devices.

Unfortunately, these threats are difficult to plan for.  The best way to prevent unintentional acts of destruction is to think about where you’re mounting equipment. Are there pipes overhead? Is there a table where someone could place a beverage? Is the electrical outlet on a dedicated circuit? Answering these questions can help you avoid unintentional acts of destruction and increase your access control system’s life expectancy.

Access Control from Four Walls Security

The best way to protect your access control system from external and environmental threats is to prepare. Think about where to place equipment and make sure it’s installed properly and securely.

If you’re not sure about the proper course of action, the experts at Four Walls Security are here to help. We’re the leading security company in Brisbane, and we understand the environmental and external threats facing businesses in our area. We’ll help you properly install your access control system to protect it from threats. If the need ever arises, we’ll also make necessary repairs should an external or environmental threat damage your system.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote on the perfect security solution for your home or business.


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