Access Control: Preventing Trespassing

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Aug 18, 2021 2:30:00 PM

AdobeStock_193300892There’s little question about the importance of a good security system to protect employees, customers, and property from unwanted visitors. Strategically placing cameras inside the building is a great way to monitor your business and can assist in keeping employees safe and proprietary data out of the wrong hands.

Additionally, having a security system with alarms and cameras outside the building will protect your business during off-hours and is a deterrent for would-be vandals and thieves to enter your property.

But what about guests and potential customers who enter your property with good intentions; can they, at some point, become the trespasser?

The answer is simple, yes!

What Is a Trespasser?

Current clients, potential customers, or other guests can become a trespasser if their business concludes or when you revoke their invitation, and they continue to loiter in the lobby, car park, or outside the building. 

What is the best way to prevent clients, potential customers, and guests from becoming trespassers?

Access Control Systems

An access control system from Four Walls Security will limit traffic into your building for both the security of your proprietary data and your employees’ safety. You’ll have complete control of building entry, access to lifts, security level access to internal doors, and more through simple and easy-to-use software. 

Whether your company works in a single building, multiple buildings, or leases multiple floors in a shared building, having an access control system will give you the ability to know and control who enters your workspace.

ID Devices 

Limiting who can gain access to your business helps prevent unknown or unwanted personnel from entering your property but does nothing to prevent people from accessing unwanted spaces once inside. 

To restrict access within your workspace, rely on ID devices such as card readers, key fobs, PINs, or biometrics to keep people out of unwanted locations. For employees, these devices can be permanent and reprogrammed to grant new access as job functions change but also gives added protection against guests accessing private areas. 

You can issue temporary ID devices to guests that restrict access to private areas and have a time limit that expires once the business concludes. Reducing access to only public areas, such as the lobby, will keep guests from overstaying their welcome and becoming trespassers.

There are many different types of ID devices and pros and cons to each style based on your specific business needs. To find out which device would work best for you, contact an expert at Four Walls Security and ensure only authorised personnel gain access to your workspace.

Integrated Access Control with Existing Security System

Once your access control system, with both permanent and temporary ID devices, is in place, you’ll want to ensure full security by integrating the system with existing security components such as alarms, cameras, and intercoms. 

Cameras can monitor people moving throughout your facility. If a person enters an unauthorised area due to tailgating or because they got lost, you’ll be able to quickly pinpoint their location and steer them back towards the appropriate areas. 

You can also go a step further into security with an alarm system that sends a notification anytime a person enters the wrong credentials in an attempt to gain access to restricted areas. You can then quickly locate the person and escort them back to public areas or out of the building before potential misdeeds occur.

Prevent Guests from Becoming Trespassers

The fact remains, anyone can become a trespasser regardless of intention or previous permission to occupy your space. 

Having a fully integrated security system with access control on every door is the best way to prevent vandalism and theft from occurring during off-hours and monitor the whereabouts of personnel inside your business. By logging each key swipe and monitoring movement through cameras, you’ll have better control over where guests and employees are allowed access, which in turn will make your business safer and more secure.

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