When to Upgrade and How to Find the Best Apartment Intercom System

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Nov 19, 2020 4:01:22 PM

Is your apartment intercom system always breaking down? Do you find yourself repairing more often than using it? If that's the case, it might be time for an intercom system replacement. 

An outdated intercom system will always do more harm than good. However, it can be hard for people to determine when it's time for an upgrade. Well, let's make it simple for you. 

If you had to repair your intercom at least 3 times, you're due for an upgrade. Not to mention, if your intercom lacks remote access, locking capabilities and is not intuitive, then you're living in the past.

This article will cover everything you need to consider to find a better replacement.

So whenever you're ready to jump into the spaceship and transcend time, keep reading and acquaint yourself with the modern technologies of an intercom.

This Is When You Should Get An Intercom System Replacement

To keep this short and simple, there are three things you need to consider which will help determine if it's time to upgrade your intercom. Regardless of whether you are a tenant or landlord, all three of these factors apply to both. 

It's time to upgrade your intercom if:

  1. The intercom is not working as it's supposed to, or it has been repaired at least 3 times since you installed it/moved in
  2. The intercom is lacking important features, such as access control, video/audio, remote access
  3. Your building has seen an increase in unwelcomed visitors

As you can see, no matter which of these issues concerns you, they remain a security risk. Apartment buildings are meant to be secure, so why not ensure that's the case for yourself or all of the tenants?

On Apartment Safety

If you are living high up, you must know who is entering the building, if not only for your sake but also for the neighbors. Even with street access, there are many reasons why you would want an intercom system.

The primary reason is to enable communication with those who want to enter the premises. Entry should be limited to delivery and service personnel, family, friends, and residents. If someone does not belong, they don't get to enter.

If you have trouble moving, automated property access and being able to screen visitors without having to run around is another reason to get an intercom.

Whatever reason you have, you need to determine the layout, exit, and entry points, whether or not the intercom can be integrated with existing systems and how many people will be serviced by it.

Who Needs to Use the System?

The size of the complex is the first thing to consider. If you are a landlord managing a condominium or apartment building, this will help you narrow down the options available to you. 

In this case, think about the user experience and accessibility. Given that most people will be looking to have a system installed only in their apartment, a system that works on a small scale is the best bet.

Do You Need Video & Audio?

If you are looking for an audio-only intercome, there are so many packages available out there, you will get lost. But what about those who have trouble hearing? 

They will need video intercome. Some of these have a built-in camera to help identify the visitors. If the property has solid doors, and there is no easy way to identify the visitor, a video/audio intercom is the best solution.

Do You Need to Integrate With A Locking System?

Technology is constantly advancing. Intercoms can now be combined with an access control system. Not only can they lock and open doors, but they can also integrate with CCTV and operate gates. 

If you need secure access to the premises, having an integrated system is critically important.

Do You Need Remote Access?

With the popularity of smartphones, there have been developed intercom systems that you can interact with without being present at the premises. If someone comes to your home and rings the bell, you can view who it is via your phone.

You will be able to speak to them, providing an impression of you being present, which is also great for security. This apartment connectivity through smart technology is ideal for those who have work that requires them to be away from home. 

If you are working in your garden and can't hear the bell, would a system like this be of great convenience? Planning on what your intercom system is for is the greatest way to determine which system is best for you.

Do You Want Wired Or Wireless?

Apartment intercom systems come in both wireless (WiFi or Cellular) and wired (Cat5/6 cables or IP networks). Selecting the best one for you depends on your personal needs, as well as the capabilities of the building.

For older buildings, it might be easier to install wireless systems that don't require changing the physical parameters of the building. It's also great for budget systems that plan to upgrade down the road. 

However, wired systems are considered more reliable and more efficient, despite the cost of installation. They have better video and audio signals. If you have the resources, why not go for a system that is known to be better?

If you need the most advanced features, go with a hybrid system that also works with cellular.

Security Tips for Intercom Users

Hopefully, by answering the questions above, you will be able to find the most appropriate intercom system replacement for yourself or your apartment building.

No matter if you are planning on installing an intercom in your apartment or for your tenants, you should consider these security tips to ensure that your intercom serves you best.

Confirm Identity

Always make use of the speaker and listen to the features of your device. If you are expecting somebody, don't assume it's them when you hear a buzz. 

When you have a party and you are expecting many people, it's easy to let everybody who buzzes you in. Take a few moments to speak to each visitor and only open the doors to those who you recognize as belonging guests.

Don't Let Aliens In

People always try to get access to buildings for a variety of reasons, and they will often come up with a variety of excuses to get in.

For example, somebody might claim to be a delivery serviceman and they cannot reason another tenant. Someone else might be pretending to be a tenant who forgot their keys. 

Another person might be buzzing to each apartment, hoping that somebody will open the door. While sometimes request are legitimate, they are just as likely to not be legitimate. So don't take the risk, be reasonable.

Don't List Apartment & Name Together

It might seem convenient to have your name and apartment listed together, but that's a security concern. For instance, if someone follows you back to your home and then figure out where you live by looking at the intercom panel, that's a problem.

If tenant's names appear next to numbers, consider pointing this out to the landlord. Request your name to be removed. If you have an association for tenants, you can bring up this concern at the following meetings.

Report Problems to Landlord

If your intercom is having problems, or if you notice something is up with the panel in the lobby, tell your landlord. 

An intercom is not a convenience, it's a security measure. So if your buzzer no longer works or you cannot hear people, you should bring this to awareness as soon as possible.

Security Is Important

Now that you know how to determine whether or not it's time to get an intercom system replacement, as well as how to find the best option for you, you can finally begin your search.

As mentioned, no matter if you are the landlord or the tenant, it's important that your building or personal security is subject to maintenance. And that's impossible with a subpar intercom.

If you think it's not worth investing in an intercom, then you think it's not worth being safe, and that's a problem not only for you but also for those around you. 

In any case, it's your building/apartment and your choice, so whatever you choose to do, it will be the right thing to do for you.

If you'd like to learn more about modern intercom systems or consult upon an appropriate setup for you, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs.

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