When to Choose a Wired Intercom System

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Nov 27, 2020 2:30:00 PM

wired intercom system There are a lot of considerations when choosing a new intercom system. But with all the various features and abilities different systems have to offer, the hardest decision will likely come down to whether to install a wireless or a wired intercom system. There are pros and cons to each, but a wired intercom system is the best choice for properties with specific needs. Here’s how you know when a wired intercom system is right for you.

When Distance Is a Factor

Obviously, the main difference between wireless and wired intercom systems are the wires. Wireless systems communicate using radio frequencies, just like the radio in your car. Also, just like your car radio, the farther away from the transmitter you are, the worse the signal will be—which is why it might be a bit hard for you to pick up a Brisbane radio station all the way in Sydney.

If you own a large property or need to install an intercom unit far away—like at your front gate—a wireless system won’t cut it.

Since wired intercom systems are physically connected, there’s no distance that’s too far for the signal to reach. If you could afford to run the wires, you could talk to the Queen of England from your wired intercom system!

Reliability Is Required

Many home and business owners use intercom systems solely to communicate. If you run a small retail store and just need a way to speak with employees in the backroom or make announcements over the PA, reliability likely isn’t extremely important to you. If the system goes down, you just have to walk to the back.

Other property owners use intercom systems as a way to secure their buildings and protect their assets and families. In this instance, reliability is essential. You need your intercom system to function 24/7 no matter what.

A wired intercom system is much more reliable than a wireless system. Wireless systems can pick up interference or run out of batteries, causing the system to be unusable. Wired systems are hardwired into your building’s power supply. They never run out of batteries, and interference is impossible.

If you absolutely, positively need your intercom system to work all the time, a wired intercom system is a no-brainer.

You Need Maximum Levels of Security

While wireless intercom systems are considered secure, they’re just not as secure as wired systems. Wireless systems transmit and receive radio signals. Those signals can be interrupted or intercepted by interested parties. For most homes and businesses, intercom conversations aren’t confidential by any means, and the slightly decreased security doesn’t impact the decision-making process.

If you own a major corporation or work in a government agency, you might not like the idea of prying ears listening in on your conversations. A wired intercom system is much harder for someone to gain access to. There are no radio waves floating through the air to intercept, and it’s difficult for someone to drill holes into your walls to find the wires without getting caught.

Overall, wired intercom systems offer a tighter level of security compared to wireless stems.

You Want the Best Call Quality

If call quality is important to you, like if you’re vetting visitors at the front gate based on voice alone, you’ll want a wired intercom system. Wireless systems have the potential for connectivity issues, interference, and static—which will hurt call quality.

Since wired intercom system units are physically connected, you’ll get the best voice quality, every time, guaranteed.

Looking for the Best Wired Intercom System for Your Home or Business?

For homes and businesses that need their intercom system to be reliable, secure, and cover long distances, a wired intercom system is essential. Because every unit is physically connected, you’ll never have to worry about poor call quality or interference interrupting your conversations.

Ready to boost your security with an intercom system? The pros at Four Walls Security work with Sydney homes and businesses to help them choose, install, and maintain the perfect wired intercom system to keep your property, family, and assets safe. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote to discuss your needs.

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