NBN and Alarm Monitoring. How to Keep Yours Working During the Rollout

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Nov 26, 2019 11:49:28 AM

If you’re wondering how the NBN will affect your Security system, you’re not alone. As our clients prepare for the rollout, we’re increasingly being asked about the impact of the NBN on security alarms. Our answer? There’s truly no need to be alarmed. With Four Walls on your side, your home or business security system will remain infallible.

To help clear the confusion, we’ve created this easy guide to the NBN and Security alarms. Read on to understand the changes, and to learn about our NBN alarm monitoring Solution—compatible with 99% of existing alarms.

What is the National Broadband Network (nbn™)?

The National Broadband Network (nbn™) is an upgrade to Australia’s phone and internet infrastructure designed to increase the speed and reliability of internet-based services. Currently being rolled out across the country, the nbn™ is intended to enhance education, healthcare, business, social and entertainment opportunities for Australians into the future.

It will provide 93% of Australian homes, schools and businesses with high-speed internet and phone access via optic fibre*. Eight million homes and businesses are set to be connected to the network by 2020.

The nbn™ and security systems – compatibility concerns

During the nbn™ rollout, existing fixed phone lines and internet network infrastructure will be upgraded. Once the nbn™ fibre network is installed at your location, you’ll have 18 months to select your nbn™ services from one of the Retail Service Providers operating in your area.

At the end of this transition period, your telecommunications provider will disconnect the traditional copper wire network from your business or home. You’ll no longer have access to a fixed-line telephone. In order to make phone calls or use the internet through a landline service, you’ll need to be connected to the nbn™.

The hitch for your home or business security? The majority of existing monitored alarm systems are designed to transmit signals via the outgoing copper network. They may not be compatible with the new nbn™ infrastructure, particularly older alarm systems. And there’s another issue to consider…

The nbn™ and security systems – power outage problems

Assuming your alarm system does function as normal when connected to the nbn™, there is also the problem of power outages. During a power outage to your premises, your nbn™ network equipment–which relies on your local power source–will be out of action. Unless you have a backup power supply, any alarm system connected to the network will be unable to communicate during the outage.

Our Recommendation? Four Walls’ NBN Security Solution

Thankfully, there is a fail-safe, cost-effective solution–Four Walls’ NBN alarm monitoring service. Utilising the latest available technology (currently 4G), Four Walls’ NBN Security Solution involves attaching a wireless security module to your existing alarm system. It creates an end-to-end alarm transmission system that communicates via mobile data networks, bypassing the nbn™ network altogether.

Simple, reliable and free to install, our wireless security solution works with 99% of existing alarm systems.

It creates the communications path, replacing the previous fixed phone line, and enables seamless, secure communication between your home or business and our monitoring centre. It also solves the compatibility and power outage problems discussed above.

Benefits of Four Walls’ NBN Security Solution

  • Attached to your existing alarm, the wireless module Is free
  • It is quick, easy and free to install
  • We utilise the latest technology and devices (currently 4G)
  • You don’t need to spend money on a new security system—our wireless solution works with 99% of existing alarms
  • Your alarm system will not be impacted during a power outage. Communicating via mobile phone network, it will not be connected to the nbn™. The module is powered by your alarm system, which has a backup battery. Therefore, if a local power outage affects your nbn™ network equipment, your alarm system will continue to transmit signals as normal.
  • It’s cost effective. As we are now providing the communications network, your alarm monitoring charges will increase. This increased service fee includes both the transmission platform and unlimited communications. However, your overall costs will reduce as you’ll no longer be paying a provider (e.g. Telstra) for the fixed-line costs and call costs.
  • It’s a non-proprietary product, meaning you are not locked to us for monitoring and servicing.

Our Tips on Preparing for the nbn™

As soon as you are advised in writing of your upcoming connection to the nbn™, please give Four Walls Security a call on 1300 367 233. One of our friendly team will answer any questions and walk you through the process. We will advise you on what you need to do so that we can continue to monitor your home or business security throughout the transition period and beyond.

Rest assured, we’ll make sure your system can still talk to our Grade A1 24/7 Security Monitoring Centre so your property, possessions and loved ones remain safe and secure.

Already connected?

If you are already connected to the nbn™ and have not installed our wireless security module, we also advise you call us. We will typically recommend a service call to ensure your alarm system is operating at full potential and protected against power outages.

Further questions on the nbn™ and security alarms?

If you have any questions at all regarding the nbn™ and your security system, don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 367 233. Your peace of mind is our priority and we’re committed to making your nbn™ transition smooth and stress-free.

For more information, visit the nbn™ website.


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