9 Reasons to Upgrade to IP Video Surveillance

Posted by Scott Edwards on Nov 26, 2019 11:46:25 AM

Considering upgrading your video surveillance system from analog to digital, but not sure if it’s worth the investment? Read on. From scalability and IT security to image quality and cost, we’ve rounded up nine compelling reasons why an IP video surveillance system might serve your business better. 

Increased frame rate

With a higher frame rate than analog cameras (think 30-60/sec versus 6-10/sec), IP cameras improve both the flow and clarity of security footage. In high motion areas, in particular, an IP camera is a smarter, more reliable option.

Higher resolution images

As video surveillance technology advances, image quality is improving exponentially. The newest high-definition IP cameras support much higher resolution footage than outdated analog sytems. In some cases, image resolution may be as much as 20 times higher.

Analog CCTV cameras transmit grainier, lower quality images, and are lacking the digital zoom function of IP cameras. This may be problematic if identifying information is required in the case of a security breach.

Expanded coverage

IP cameras also have a wider range of view than their analog counterparts. This means that a single IP camera will often cover a greater area than a number of analog CCTV cameras. Not only is this convenient, it means you’ll save money.

Greater scalability & flexibility

Another key benefit of an IP-based surveillance system over an analog CCTV system lies in scalability. Designed to adapt to your changing needs, IP video surveillance systems can be reconfigured as needed, without a significant financial outlay. It is easy and straightforward to add a large number of cameras to an IP surveillance network.

Adding cameras to an analog system, on the other hand, is more complicated and costly. This is because analog CCTV cameras transmit video signals via coaxial cable to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). All cameras in an analog CCTV system need a direct connection to the DVR, and there are a limited number of ports to facilitate this.

Secure transmission

IP cameras have in-built encryption for secure video transmission. Analog cameras do not, meaning hackers could potentially intercept your data or replace your video signal.

Remote access

Users of an IP-based digital surveillance system have the benefit of being able to log in online. As long as they have internet access, they can view their business’s security footage remotely, and manage their system through a suite of software and apps.

Ease of servicing & repair

IP camera systems continue to increase in popularity, and manufacturers of analog CCTV systems are making fewer replacement parts. As the trend towards HD digital surveillance continues, it will become increasingly difficult to repair, service and replace your existing analog equipment. There is no such problem for IP cameras and equipment—the choice is extensive.

Cost effectiveness

While IP cameras used to require a higher initial outlay than analog cameras, digital camera prices have become far less prohibitive in recent years. In fact, IP cameras are now the more affordable option.

Add to this the greater scalability and reliability of an IP surveillance system, and you’ll see that going digital makes good financial sense.

Analog obsolescence

With higher resolution footage, greater scalability, functionality and an ever-growing array of features, IP cameras are now the gold-standard of video surveillance. Analog technology is outdated, and traditional analog CCTV cameras are heading towards obsolescence. If your existing analog cameras fail it is becoming increasingly difficult to find replacement cameras or parts.

If you’re looking to replace your analog CCTV cameras or add cameras to your system, give us a call on 1300 367 233 to discuss your options. While analog video is on the way out, a hybrid system (mix of IP and analog CCTV cameras) can be an affordable way to begin transitioning to a digital surveillance solution.

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