Where Should Home Security Cameras Be Positioned?

Posted by Kevin Cameron on Oct 9, 2020 9:31:55 PM

Purchasing a home security camera system is a great investment for your safety as well as your peace of mind. However, it's important to note that your cameras won't be serving you well if they're not placed and installed in the right areas.

Install them in the wrong places, and you leave your cameras open to being tampered with by burglars who see an opportunity.

Even if your cameras are at the right height, they may not be in the best places to catch criminals breaking and entering. Instead of serving as a deterrent, they can go ignored and won't capture the footage you need.

Fortunately, we have the guide for you. Read on to learn how to choose the right placement for your security cameras so you can get the footage and security you need.  

How Many Cameras Do You Need? 

There is no definitive answer when it comes to the number of cameras needed for your home. It all depends on how large your property is, your budget, and the number of doors and off-street windows. When it comes to investing in security cameras, placing them near doors and windows should be your first priority. Once you've covered those areas, you can also add them to your: 

  • Garage
  • Driveway
  • Basement
  • Second floors

Remember that the first role of security cameras is to act as a deterrent. Afterwards, they're able to provide evidence if there is a break-in as well as give you alerts when they detect a person is approaching your home. Some cameras also have live streaming available so that you can see who is outside your home without needing to open the door. 

Placement for Outdoor Home Security Cameras

One of the main benefits of outdoor security cameras is that they act as a deterrent to potential burglars. An interview with 86 burglars found that security cameras were typically a deterrent–the same as large dogs or loud security alarms. With this in mind, it's important to place cameras where they're visible but out of reach.

Since the majority of ex-burglars said that they often kicked in doors to gain access to properties, it's important to place your security camera so that it's able to get footage of your front door. You'll also want to place them at any side or back doors as well as off-street windows.

The reason why you want coverage of off-street windows, in particular, is that they're easier for burglars so access. As they break the glass or attempt to open your window, they won't have to worry about passerby spotting them and calling the police.

Security Camera Height

When it comes to deciding how high to place your cameras, aim for about nine feet. This means they'll be out of reach for most people, but they'll also still be close enough to make out burglar's faces in order to identify them later.

Oftentimes, homeowners make the mistake of mounting their camera too high. Although this gives a wider view of the property, you won't be able to use the footage they record as effectively later on. 

Placement for Indoor Home Security Cameras 

When a camera isn't able to act as a deterrent, their second purpose is to record evidence. With this in mind, you'll want to place a security camera in a corner facing the front door. When a burglar gains access to your home, you'll be able to document their features for the police. Placing the camera in the corner also gives you the widest possible view of the room or foyer.

For peace of mind, you can place a camera in your child's room or nursery. You also have the option of placing more cameras to face your back doors as well as any first-floor windows. Lastly, you can also place cameras in the main areas of your home that get the most traffic, such as the living room, hallways, or kitchen.

These are great places if you normally have contractors, babysitters, or other service professionals working in your home. These are other areas that give you opportunities to capture video evidence of a burglar's face if he or she is moving throughout your home. 

Utilizing Hidden Home Security Cameras

Even if you have a tight budget, one of the most effective methods you can try is through the use of dummy and hidden security cameras. You do this by purchasing dummy cameras that you place in highly visible areas around the exterior of your home. These cameras will serve to deter burglars while also mitigating the risk of one getting damaged. 

If a burglar decides to try and damage a camera, the dummy camera will be the one taking all of the damage. Meanwhile, your actual security camera will be safely hidden and capturing the entire scene.

Dummy cameras are also great options for renters that don't have the budget or the permission to install cameras to the exterior of their apartments. Renters can use heavy duty, industrial-grade mounting tape in order to attach these fake cameras near the front door.

They can also use a combination of dummy cameras as well as motion-activated lights in order to increase the likelihood of deterring criminals.

Common Security Camera Mistakes

Now that you're knowledgable of the best security camera placement for your home, here are some of the most common mistakes made by homeowners. These mistakes can be easily rectified by having a plan in place and being clear with your family members about the security you want for your home.


Choosing PTZ

Cameras capable of panning, tilting, and zooming (PTZ) are only necessary if you have an operator that's able to control them for the majority of the day. If they're not in use, it's easy to leave the camera focused on an area that isn't ideal. Fixed cameras are easier because they'll always be pointed at the locations that matter. 

Poor Communication

It's important to communicate with all your family members so everyone's clear about home security. If you have a home security system, make sure everyone knows how to use it easily. You'll also want to be on the same page when it comes to locking doors and windows. 

Multitasking Cameras

Security cameras aren't great at multitasking. You'll want to choose one goal for each camera, whether that's capturing faces, license plates, or general coverage of the property. They aren't able to do it all. 


Remember that mounting your camera too close to bright lights will make it almost impossible to view the footage clearly later. You may also struggle with indoor cameras that are turned to face windows. The glare during certain times of the day will also make it difficult to view.

Not Doing the Research

There are a variety of different camera types on the market today that excel at different things. Some cameras have better night vision than others, while some can give you alerts sent directly to your phone when they sense motion. Consider your own needs and how a certain kind of camera would be able to fit into your daily life.

For instance, if you're often busy at work during the day, you probably don't have a need for a camera that gives you constant alerts.   

Keeping Your Home Safe

Investing in security cameras is a small price to pay for peace of mind. According to Budget Direct, 2.4 percent of Australians experienced break-ins in-between 2018 and 2019. When break-ins did happen, it took burglars less than five minutes to access a property. They named barking dogs and security systems as the top two deterrents, as they often decide first to burglarize a home before setting out to find one.

If you make your home as inconvenient as possible for burglars, it's far more unlikely that you'll become one of the 2.4 percent. Remember to prioritise camera placement nine feet high near your doors and off-street windows. If you still have the budget, you can then place cameras near your driveway, garage, and basement. 

Even though a real security system will serve you better for the longterm, renters can also use dummy cameras for their apartments if they don't have permission to install real ones. These dummy cameras can also serve as bait to burglars with the real cameras hidden and away from harm. 

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