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How to Secure Your Business

Wondering how to secure your business from theft, damage and fraud? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution as, from the corner boutique to the complex, multi-site enterprise, different businesses have vastly different security needs.

At Four Walls, we work with them all – designing, installing and monitoring custom security systems to fit each unique business, big or small. From preventative maintenance to communicating with your control room, here are our top tips to secure your business, all year round.

Commit to Regular Maintenance & Servicing of Alarms & CCTV Cameras

Once your security system is in place, make sure you stay on top of the maintenance and servicing of alarms and camera systems. This preventative maintenance – from checking sensors are working to replacing backup alarm batteries and ensuring the control room is receiving signals – is particularly important before extended periods of closure, such as Easter or Christmas.
How often security system maintenance should be performed at your business depends on your risk. At Four Walls we advocate 3-monthly testing and servicing of security systems for high-risk businesses like electrical stores and petrol stations, once a year for low-risk customers and 6-monthly for medium-risk organisations.
Maintenance isn’t just for your peace of mind, either. With a well-maintained security system your insurance provider is more likely to pay up in the event of a claim!

Don’t Neglect Internal Cameras

Employee theft and fraud is a big problem for many Australian businesses. The installation and regular servicing and repairs of CCTV cameras will help protect you from internal (as well as external) theft, and minimise loss from false workers compensation claims.

Set Up Remote Access to Your Camera System

Having remote access to your camera system allows you to check your cameras on your phone whenever an alarm goes off. This is a good option for business owners to ensure their premises remain secure during periods of closure.

Use a Virtual Guard Service

Video verification with a Virtual Guard is also worth considering, particularly while on holidays. Granting the control room access to your camera system ensures you won’t receive an unnecessary phone call if your alarm goes off while you’re miles away, sunning yourself on the beach.
If the alarm does go off, the control room will inspect your camera footage, rather than sending a guard to investigate. Not only is this instant, it’s more cost-effective for businesses that get a few alarms.

Consider Alarm System Quality – Not Just Cost

With limited battery life, easy disabling and a susceptibility to false alarms, cheap off-the-shelf alarm systems are definitely better than no security at all.

However, they might not be the best security solution for your business (or your home). Read our blog on the potential pitfalls of cheap security alarms and see why a professionally installed system is a more secure option for your business.

Consider Access Control

Access control allows you to monitor and control who is entering your building or site via the use of ID devices like swipe cards, PINs and keyless biometric scanning. This not only restricts unauthorised individuals’ access to certain areas, it helps ensure the personal safety of your employees.
Access control systems have countless benefits and applications. For starters, you can customise clearance levels for different personnel, quickly add or remove access, lock down buildings in an emergency, and avoid the hassle and risk associated with lost keys.

Ask About an Intercom System

An intercom system is another safety and security measure your business might benefit from. Both audio and video systems are available, enabling you to establish the identity of an individual before allowing entry to your premises. Intercom systems can also be seamlessly integrated with your access control and existing security system for enhanced peace of mind.

Try a Tailgating Solution

The major security issue for gyms, particularly 24-hour gyms, is tailgating. This occurs when an authorised individual allows an unauthorised individual to sneak in behind them, on the same access pass.
A tailgating detection and prevention system can be installed to prevent loss of income caused by tailgating, as well as maintaining staff and customer safety.

Keep Your Control Room in the Loop

If any of the key contacts for your business change, make sure your control room is informed. Make sure all phone numbers are up to date, and always inform your security monitoring company when the business will be closed. Make sure you provide a local contact if you will be in a different time zone and difficult to contact.


Consider Cloud VMS solutions

A Cloud Based CCTV VMS Solution is an exciting new development in business security in Australia. Storing your security footage in the cloud has numerous benefits, from reduced set-up costs and IT infrastructure requirements to remote central management and improved cyber security.

* At Four Walls, we offer a 7-point security audit for businesses in QLD and NSW. Call our friendly Brisbane alarm repairs team on 1300 367 233 to discuss.

Concerned about your home security? Check out our article on the best ways to secure your home before heading off on holidays.

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