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Posted by Kevin Cameron on Nov 22, 2019 12:12:10 PM

An ideal option for businesses with multiple sites and numerous employees, cloud-based video surveillance solutions are an exciting new development in business security in Australia. Storing your security footage in the cloud has numerous benefits, from reduced set-up costs and IT infrastructure requirements to remote central management and improved cyber security.

To decide if cloud CCTV surveillance is right for your business, read on. We’ve compiled some of the most common and compelling motivations for moving to a cloud-based video management system (VMS).

8 benefits of cloud-based video surveillance solutions

Reduced capital outlay

If you opt for traditional on-site storage of your CCTV footage, expect a substantial initial – and ongoing – investment. Particularly if your business has numerous sites. You’ll have to first fork out for costly hardware, software and installation. Then you’ll need to factor in router configuration, IT staff and electricity costs, maintenance and servicing fees, OS security patches, cyber security support and more.

Add up all these elements, and paying the monthly subscription fee for a cloud-based VMS is the more budget-friendly option.

Reduced IT infrastructure & staffing requirements

For a multi-site business, on-premise security surveillance storage requires a robust IT infrastructure to manually maintain and update hardware and software when needed. When you opt for a cloud-based VMS, there are no on-site servers required, and all security and software updates are automated.

All maintenance and servicing activities are performed remotely by your service provider – without any interruption to your business operations. Which means? A streamlined IT department and infrastructure, an always up-to-date security system, and reduced costs for your business.

Centralised management

Many corporations don’t want their sales, service or IT staff sifting through security video footage – both for privacy and resource management reasons. A cloud video surveillance system is the ideal solution, allowing head office to easily access security footage remotely.

A cloud-based VMS allows central management to authorise and revoke staff access. It also allows your security gatekeepers to track user activity and prevent misuse of CCTV surveillance equipment.

Secure redundant data storage

A cloud-based CCTV VMS provides redundant storage of your security footage. With copies housed in different data centre locations, your CCTV recordings and critical data are safe guarded against hardware failure. With traditional on-premise hosting, on the other hand, you will need to purchase additional costly hardware to ensure similar protection from failures. 

Flexible storage retention capacity

When storing CCTV footage on-site, the length of time a business can retain security footage is constrained by its system’s hardware capacity. Increasing the video retention period can involve costly purchasing of additional or replacement hardware. On the other hand, a cloud CCTV security solution is far more flexible. You can easily adjust the storage retention period with no additional expense.

Keeping pace with new technologies

Obsolescence is less of an issue for a cloud-based solution than a traditional VMS system, as updates are sent automatically by your provider over the internet. With a traditional video surveillance system, you’re limited by the age of your hardware. You can perform updates, but this is generally a more complex, manual process. Cloud-based systems are more adaptable and are therefore a smart choice to future-proof your business security investment.

Remote access ability and advanced playback

A Cloud Based VMS is built precisely for remote access, enabling authorised personnel to easily play high-quality security footage from anywhere in the world. On the other hand, with some traditional non-cloud systems, streaming can be unreliable. Video footage is typically less clear, and it’s often unencrypted which can make your data vulnerable to interference.

Enhanced cyber security

With a Cloud Based CCTV Solution, video is fully encrypted while it is stored and during streaming. Common security vulnerabilities found in on-premise video management systems are removed. There are no open ports to the internet, meaning no firewall installations are required. If new vulnerabilities are identified, security patches can be immediately applied via the cloud.

If you’re a multi-site business looking for a flexible, reliable and low-maintenance cloud video surveillance VMS, ask our team about our cloud-based CCTV security solution. Call us on 1300 367 233 today.

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