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Why Renters Should Install a CCTV Security System in Their Apartments

Written by Kevin Cameron | May 19, 2020 11:15:00 PM

It might seem like installing a security system of any kind is only for people who own homes or businesses. They’re usually not associated with rental properties—unless you’re the landlord—but really, there are several benefits to installing a CCTV security system as a renter. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems aren’t allowed in all apartments, so it’s always best to speak with your landlord and get written permissions before installing any sort of security system.

Increased Security

Apartment tenants want the same feeling of security as anyone else. Nobody wants a criminal to come into their home and steal their property or harm their family. By adding a CCTV security system to your apartment, you’ll be able to see everything that goes on inside your residence. And if someone does venture in, you’ll have video proof that can be used to identify them.

When you own a home, you and the people you trust are the only ones with a key. In an apartment, however, it can sometimes seem like everyone has access. The landlord, front office staff, and maintenance workers all can enter your property at any time. Of course, they’re supposed to give a written warning first, but does that always happen?

With a CCTV system, you can monitor each and every person that comes into your apartment. That includes everyone from criminals, to your landlord, to your friend across the hall who “only has your key in case of emergencies.”

Crime Deterrent

Imagine you’re a burglar, which apartment would you break into: the unit you know has security cameras or the one that doesn’t? Obviously, you’re going to go after the one that doesn’t have cameras. Well, real burglars think the same way! It’s been shown that CCTV security systems reduce crimes of opportunity by 16 percent. So, even when your cameras aren’t actively detecting a break-in, they’re still working hard to protect your property. Just the sight of a security camera is enough to deter most criminals.

Wireless Cameras Mean No Holes

One of the major counterarguments to installing a CCTV security system as a renter is the need to drill holes for mounting cameras and running wires. When you’re done renting, you’ll have to revert the apartment back to the condition you found it, which means removing the entire system and filling in all the holes in the walls and ceiling. That’s a lot of work. Plus, anytime you make alterations to your unit, you need to get your landlord’s permission, adding yet another level of frustration.

Luckily, many modern CCTV security systems can function completely wirelessly. Your cameras can send a feed to your monitor and even to your mobile device using your apartment’s wireless network. No holes mean easier installation, easier removal, and less of an argument with your landlord.

While wireless CCTV systems might not make holes, you should still get your landlord’s permission before installation of any security system.

You Can Take Your CCTV Cameras with You

Many landlords will allow tenants to install hardwired CCTV security systems in their apartments. Afterall, the next renter who moves in after you will probably enjoy the additional security too, right? But if you know your apartment isn’t your forever home, why would you want to spend the time and money setting up a security system for anyone but yourself?

Wireless systems solve that problem once and for all. Without the wires, it’s easy to take the entire system with you when you move out. There are also plenty of cameras on the market that can be mounted without much damage to your apartment. Mounting options range from a single screw to desk-mounted cameras that don’t require any drilling whatsoever, making for easy cleanup later that won’t cost you your security deposit.

CCTV Security Systems from Four Walls Security

If you’re a renter looking for a way to tighten the security of your apartment, a CCTV security system might be the solution. You’ll be able to keep constant tabs on your unit—sometimes right from your phone—and deter people from entering without permission. Plus, wireless systems make installation easy, meaning fewer holes and a system you can take with you if you move out.

If you’re a renter looking for some additional peace of mind, talk to your landlord first and then ask the experts at Four Walls Security. We have years of experience in the Brisbane area and can help you choose the perfect system that fulfills all your needs. Contact us and get a free, no obligation quote on your next CCTV security system.